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Your website is usually your potential client's first point of contact with you and your firm. The Lead Generator
chatbot can help you stand out from your competition by offering a friendly, helpful chatbot as soon as your
visitor arrives on your website.

The Lead Generator can both ask and answer questions. It seems like both email and chat have become superior to phone calls over the last few years.
Since more and more customer interactions take place online, consumers expect help to be available whenever they need it. People may be more comfortable with
a private chatbot conversation than with an actual call especially at the beginning.

When it comes to your website you have two choices to maximize your lead generation, live chat, and chatbots. While better than nothing, live chat has many limitations. You are dependent on people actually showing up, answering your queries, and following your script, all day, every day. A chatbot never gets tired, never calls in sick, never asks for a raise, and always recites your scripts flawlessly.

The Lead Generator is discrete. Potential clients only give client info when they are ready. Unlike with a live chat operator where the first question is what is your name and contact info?

People who call your office are very different from people visiting your website. When someone calls your office
they are at the point where they have decided to interact with your firm and they certainly would prefer to talk to a live person. Whereas research shows that when visiting a website, visitors prefer chats to any other method of communication and a chatbot can answer your live chat requests faster and more authoritatively that a live chat operator can.

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